Circumnavigate Florida

OKFC Put-in spots & Coordinates

We have teamed up with our friends from the HCKA on the west coast to create a bi-coastal map (click on globe to download)
of our favorite kayak fishing launch sites.
We will continue to develop this as a community project and will also add live hyperlinks, pictures and video as well in the months to come.

We would like to begin to add additional markers for all the freshwater and Saltwater spots and continue until the entire state is updated.
If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me using my email.

You can also enter some of these coordinates of our favorite spots into your GPS

GPS Coordinates
1,000 Islands
Cocoa Beach
N28 18.346 W80 36.931
Beacon42 Ramp
N28 45.337 W80 45.933
Bethune Park
New Smyrna
N28 57.007 W80 50.446
BioLab Ramp
N28 42.360 W80 43.226
Boyscout Ramp
N28 42.580 W80 44.030
Castle Windy
New Smyrna
N28 53.644 W80 48.485
Eddy Creek Ramp
Canaveral National Seashore
N28 40.500 W80 38.920
Jones Street Ramp
N28 40.660 W80 49.560
Port Canaveral
N28 26.404 W80 39.523
Padillo Creek
N28 45.366 W80 47.251
Peacock's Pocket
N28 36.484 W80 43.736
Oak Hill
N28 53.856 W80 51.117
Scottsmore Ramp
N28 46.310 W80 50.680
Turnbull Basin
N28 47.388 W80 47.262

Safety on the water

We always recommend safety on the water and always going out with a fishing buddy is highly encouraged.
You can locate a buddy on our "find a fishing partner" board on our forum.
In order to coordinate with other members we recommend using  Google Earth

Google Earth is a great tool.  Visit their site for a users guide and download the program to your computer.
When we post coordinates in the forum or emails, simply by cutting and pasting into the search box, Google Earth will take you to that spot.
You can also add place marks onto your maps to easily mark spots that you will return to frequently.
Many members even download thier GPS information after a trip into Google Earth

Ouside of having access to maps it is important to stay informed on closures that may affect your outing. 

The shuttle launches will close the Max Brewer bridge road access and you cannot go more that a mile south of Haulover from the northern entrance

Shuttle Launch
Latest Merritt island refuge Info and Road Closures

These are some maps and trails we find useful

Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail

This is Florida’s Longest and Most Ambitious Sea Kayaking Trail. The map is segmented into 26 sections giving access to any paddler all the information neccessary to kayak the entire Florida coastline.

Starting from Pensacola, and going around the entire peninsula and the Keys, and finishing at Fort Clinch State Park close to Georgia, the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail is a 1,515 mile sea kayaking Trail. All natural habitats from barrier island dunes, salt marsh and mangroves can be explored . In addition, several historical points of interest are accessible along side of old Florida fishing communities, all by kayak.

The on-line map is divided into twenty-six segments. Each segment can be viewed, and printed as independent maps. Similar in concept to the Appalachian Trail up north, one can paddle each segment individually at different times for just a day, or enjoy the primative camping facilities and spend several days to months exploring our great eco-system and beaches.

Visit the main page of the circumnavigational site

NOAA Navigational Charts

Thomas Jefferson established the Survey of the Coast in 1807 to support safe transportation throughout this new formed nation. Almost 200 plus years later, the Office of Coast Survey, continues the tradition on providing navigation maps and information to help Mariners

Using all the newest technological advancements, all this data is put in the hands to everyone with on-line access. These maps are geo-referenced, full-color images of NOAA's paper nautical charts. On this particlar site, the navigational maps can be downloaded and printed to help any kayaker explore any area throughout the US. This particular link mentioned below starts at our favorite fishing spot the Mosquito lagoon.

Although many kayakers rely on a GPS unit, it is always wise to have a back-up system of a quality compass and a good map of an area before venturing out.

Visit the NOAA site

East Central Greenways Trails

This is Florida's on-line greenways and trails guide. You can click and explore many trails throughout the entire Sunshine state. There are more than 1,400 miles of trails and more than 150 state parks to visit my paddle or on foot.

A large variety of animals such as owls,deer, blackbeard, feral pigs,bobcats and a multitude of Florida specific birds such as the scrubjay can be found.

For East Central visit map or for the entire state you can visit all 40 trails at the Greenways site